Susan Fleming Wellness Update

Susan Fleming Wellness Session Special

While we are waiting for the green light for massage therapy, we can learn new ways to feel healthy and vibrant with online Video Wellness Coaching.

This is so much fun and I have a number of clients that are already enjoying the benefits of their personal, motivational, accountability coach right at home or anywhere they may be. Develop great habits for a healthful lifestyle. We will work on stretching, foam rolling, exercise, tips to prevent and relieve aches and pains and ideas for good nutrition to boost your immune system.

The sessions are exciting and easy and so is signing up. Simply go to my website: and push the button that says BOOK AN APPOINTMENT.

There is a half price special right now when you sign up before the end of May 2020.

I look forward to seeing you very soon and helping you feel your BEST!


P.S. For my clients that are used to seeing me in person, here is a short hello video: