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Healthy Living Arm Shoulder Rotator Cuff Exercise

Taking care of our body means getting enough exercise - be it by lifestyle or exercises to balance out what our lifestyle does not provide. 

One area of the body that often gets missed with current lifestyles is the back of the arm and shoulder. So exercises for this area are important to  maintain capability and strength in this area.  Exercises will  provide many benefits including:

1) Strengthens weak muscles
2) Creates stability in shoulder
3) Helps prevent injuries
4) Develops and maintains overall strong muscles and joint areas to stay active

Today I would like to share an exercise to improve your arm shoulder rotator cuff strength. This exercise can be done anywhere and it only takes a couple of minutes a few times a week to get the benefits. I cannot stress enough how important this type of exercise is to your overall health.

Here is the Susan Fleming Healthy Living video about how to do an arm shoulder rotator cuff exercise: