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The Relaxation Center Shares Stretching Ideas

The Relaxation Center in Belmont encourages stretching to enhance your massage sessions. Stretching in between massage sessions will make your massage better, because many of the tight places will be easier to work on. Massage can get to those spots that are virtually impossible to get to on your own. Stretching the right way will become easier and your life will be more pain free. 

My sister called me the other day after years of my suggesting stretching, sending her pages of stretches and mentioning yoga etc.  She said her chiropractor also encouraged her to stretch to help her knee feel better. She said she is feeling less pain in her knee, because she is stretching at night before she goes to bed. It made me think about stretching at night and I have added it to my pre-bed time routine. I used to stretch just around exercise time. Now I wake up feeling much more rested and my muscles and joints feel like they did when I was a child.  Don't take years to start stretching, try it today. 

At The Relaxation Center, specific stretches are taught to help with certain ailments. Overall stretching is a goal that takes time and effort. It pays off for good, quality of life. A suggestion is to take gentle yoga, Pilates and read Bob Anderson's book first.

There are some great suggestions on how to stretch in  the book, "Stretching: 30th Anniversary Edition by Bob Anderson and Jean Anderson."

Stretch BookHere are some of their suggestions:

1. Learning how to stretch is the most important part of stretching.

2.  Listening to your body and knowing that you can stretch more tomorrow.

3. It does not all have to happen in one day.

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