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Body-Mind Connection at The Relaxation Center

The Relaxation Center is a terrific resource to help you stay focused on having a great body-mind connection. Many times we imagine we can play a fabulous game of basket ball or jump over a toy on the floor with grace and ease. Then we are in the moment to make that shot and over reach and pull a muscle or trip over the toy and it did not turn out how you imagined it. When we practice working with our body to stretch and strengthen as well as work on balance, we have a better match with what we think we can do and what we actually are able to do. That in essence is the body-mind connection. Yoga-2

Massage is one other very important part of the body-mind connection. When receiving a massage, one will imagine their body feels ok or might have a specific ailment or two. As the massage progresses, the reality of sore muscles starts to become apparent. Then a sense that we are not feeling as "super heroish" as we have imagined set in. Deep tissue massage is a wonderful way to check in with our body, to see what we need to do in our lives to improve, to feel better more often. Sometimes we need to do new stretches, get a little more cardio exercise, eat better types of foods or get more massages. 

In this fast paced environment, take the time to get your deep tissue massage and check in with your body. Your body and mind will be connected and you will feel on top of the world.

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