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Plan a Delightful Holiday Season Feeling Relaxed

I know the idea of thinking about the holidays seems too early. That is the point of this topic.

Imagine a stress free holiday feeling and looking great. Start with that idea and work backwards. What kind of holiday time do you want in December and, if possible, make an overall plan now. Now is the time to contact those special people you want to make sure you see over the holidays. Do you want to host a dinner over the holidays? Travel somewhere over the holidays?  Make tentative plans now and put it on the calender.

Do this with all the upcoming holidays and then you'll have time to put some "take care of yourself" plans into the mix. Things such as your exercise class, rest and relaxation time, and (of course) massage time. I know it is not always possible to plan everything, but working at it will really make a difference.

Putthis_on_calendar_clip_art The more things we can get on our calender ahead of time, makes a more organized, easy-paced life. Things will change and we can adapt as we have to. Give it a try and see how it goes this holiday season. Easy does it.

Plan your next massage now and start a great new habit of planning to take wonderful care of yourself now and through holidays.

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