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How often to make an appointment for a massage at The Relaxation Center?

New clients often ask, "How often should I get a massage?" The answer is "it depends"...

The biological effects of a deep tissue massage last 2-3 weeks in general. Some people may benefit more from getting a massage more often because of their lifestyle. As an example, a person may have a job at a computer and have very tight forearms and hands and need more massage than a person who does a more varied career. Someone who gives emotionally to say a large family and can benefit from a hour vacation away from it all, might need to set up more sessions than someone in a calm environment.

Massage1 Every situation is different. It all starts with the client getting the first massage and then seeing how they feel after two weeks and trying another massage close to that time. If they feel they can extend the time to three weeks or a month and it works for them, that is a good distance between sessions. Other people may find they have to come in every week to balance their life. It also depends on a person's financial lifestyle too. There is a fine line to what works for each of us. I know certain celebrities get a massage once a day, and how nice can it be? With my job, I make an exerted effort to get a massage at least every two weeks. It reminds me of why I do massage for a job. It feels great and I feel like a better person afterwards.   

Do yourself a favor and set up a massage time and look forward to it. It will keep you going. Just call 650-591-2303 and ask for Susan or email at

PS: To extend the benefit of your message, do youself a favor and buy a few boxes of Epsom Salts. If you don't know why, just ask Susan about what to do with the Epsom Salts and why if you don't already know.