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Have Fun in the Sun - but don't forget to protect your skin!

The Relaxation Center cares about skin health as a part of over all health and would like to take this time to share some new sun screen ideas. I found an article that does a great job of explaining the concerns of sun damage. You can find a link to this article at end of this posting.                                                                                                                                                                             Unknown
This article highlights easy ways to protect our skin.  For example, by using an SPF 15 more frequently than a high power SPF less regularly, you'll get better coverage.The SPF 15 will cover 85% of the sun damage.  Also make sure your sun screen has UVA and UVB to protect the deeper layers of the skin as well as the superficial layers. Get your sun screen at a health food store or WholeFoods and consult with the person that works in the skin care area. You'll find something that works for your skin.

Beside a good sun screen, even more coverage can be attained by applying antioxidants, especially Vitamin C, on the skin (a skin beauty product) as well as eating antioxidants such as fresh blueberries and some other super foods such as spirulina. These foods will help the skin protect itself from the sun to some extent. 

Even if you aren't walking around in the sun every day, something to think about is being in your sunny car.. Even though we don't think we are in the car for a long time, it all adds up and we need to protect our skin as much as possible.

We do the best we can, so let's make the time to eat some antioxidant foods, stay out of the sun and put on our sun screen everyday of the year. Below is a link to the complete article. I hope you find it as interesting and useful as I did!

There is one more article I found informative and here is that link below.

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