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The Relaxation Center's Take On Organic Food

A massage client of The Relaxation Center recently asked me, "What is organic food"? This prompted me to do some research on the topic.  That research confirmed my personal take that buying organic seems to be the best bet these days.

Organic_food_label_55320 For example, I go to the Belmont farmer's market, which is a certified market. That means that all the food they sell there has to be grown on their farm.  Also, they must either sell organic or pesticide free as much as possible. As I shop the various stands, I often ask about how they grow their products and get information that seems in keeping with the organic food philospophy. (I have a friend that up till last year used to participate in the farmer's market as a vendor. So I believe this is inside information that seems credible).

Can't get to an organic food market?  When I can't get to the farmer's market, I will buy organic in the grocery store - even the big chain grocery stores have an organic food section these days.

To learn more about organic food, here is a great link to continue to learn more about the subject of organic food: 

I hope you enjoy the delicious flavors and feeling that is a part of doing your best to stay healthy. Please share your favorite food ideas with Susan by phone at 650-591-2303 or by email at