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Jack LaLanne Tribute:
Posture Focus Again at The Relaxation Center

LaLanne At The Relaxation Center focus was on posture a few months ago. Now as a tribute to Jack LaLanne with his perfect posture, it's time to refocus on it again. Correct posture will make a person look better, feel better, and have more energy  - not to mention look more attractive and approachable!  Here are some hints on how to improve your posture.

Doing exercises to strengthen the back muscles will assist a person in having better posture. One has to use the back muscles. Focus on exercises that train the back muscles to pull back. If one does not train the back muscles to pull back, they won't have the strength to do the job. Then the poor posture starts or continues.

Some back exercises are very simple. It is doing them that takes discipline. The rewards are high and you will look better, feel better, have more energy and therefore be more attractive.

One great exercise that you can do almost anywhere is to simply stand up or sit up straight and put your arms out straight from your shoulders forming a "T" with your arms out from your sides and even with your shoulders. Then bend your arms in, so that you your hands are out in front of your elbows.  Your hands, arms and shoulders should be the same level. Then start to pinch your shoulder blades together and try to pinch a pea between your shoulder blades. Release the tension and do it again. Each pinch should last at least 5 seconds. Repeat this process until you can't do anymore. Do this once a day and you will see and feel the results very soon.

I will do another post with more exercises for posture. But for now - stand and sit at attention. When we do this we instantly have good posture. Did you know that when you choose good posture, you can get up to 30% more oxygen in your lungs and therefore will get more oxygen to your body and mind. 

Until next time.....think tall! 



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