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Start the Year With A Fresh Perspective on Food

 "We are what we eat" is an old saying....but it is so true.  With the new year upon us, we often re-evaluate things - dieting and what we eat is often one of those things.  Toward that end, I'd like to give you a recommendation about taking a look at what you eat from a different perspective.

It is all on an 80 minute documentary film DVD that I recently came upon called "Food Matters". It is about making the right choices for ourselves with fabulous information. The people that made the movie are experts in their fields. I think it is the best documentary I have watched. I took four pages of notes and am making adjustments in my food choices. I strongly recommend this DVD.

Take a look at this short video about the DVD. You can rent the DVD from online Blockbuster or Netflix. It is not in any store that I could find. Want to learn more?  Here is a link to the website to order or learn more .

Happy New Year Everyone!



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