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The Relaxation Center Promotes PROBIOTICS for Great Nutrition

The Relaxation Center promotes overall great health, which includes making probiotics part of your health program. Probiotics are good bacterial that should be in your digestive system naturally. They help to break down the foods that we eat. Then the body can absorb the nutrients. 

Years ago we did not have antibiotics. They came into our society on a regular basis around 1940's +. Antibiotics are great for getting rid of the bad bacteria, but they also get rid of the good bacteria in our digestive system. To put the good bacteria back into our system, we need to take the probiotics. When we take antibiotics, it is advisable to take probiotics. It will help keep yeast infections from developing and help to keep being able to get the nutrition from our foods to get and stay healthy. The probiotics would be in our digestive system, if we did not have antibiotics.

We also get antibiotics from the meat/chicken(animal products) because they are pumped full of antibiotics, to keep them alive, because of the poor conditions they are in. We eat them and get the antibiotics they ate. Vegetables and fruits in many cases have antibiotics on them to prevent contamination, because many vegetable/fruit farms are near animal farm, waste run off. We need to reintroduce probiotics on a regular basis once or twice a week to keep our digestive system capable of breaking down our foods to be able to absorb the nutrition. 

Jarro_Dophilus_FOS There are many brands on the market. One of them is:  Jarro-Dophilus + Fos. This is kept in the refrigerated section of WholeFoods or many health food stores. It is refrigerated and should be kept in the refrigerator because it is a live culture and the Fos is the food the culture eats. It is recommended to take one capsule two times a week to keep the good bacteria in your system. Each person is different and you will find what works for you. The instructions on the bottle say 1-3 capsules a day.

Start with just one(good idea). It will help with having better elimination. You will not need more spoonfuls of fiber with this solution most likely.(Bowel movements are supposed to be fluffy and not hard). Hard bowel movements create pockets in the colon, where food can collect and possibly cause more challenges later.  It is best to take one capsule 20 minutes after breakfast. Why? Because usually we don't eat garlic with breakfast. Garlic can neutralize the probiotics, because garlic is a natural antibiotic. It is not going to get rid of any major infections, but it is enough to discourage the probiotics from doing their job at first. 

You might think yogurt is enough, but most yogurts do not have the full strains of probiotics in them. The Dophilus I have mentioned above has the full strains of it. I believe there are 7 strains and the yogurts have one or a few. For our digestive system to do it's job, it is best to give it the right tools. 

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(This process is something that has worked for Susan and many of her clients, but ask your doctor if it ok).