The Relaxation Center Promotes Healthy and
Easy-To-Make "Good Food"
Good Posture is a Way of Life

The Relaxation Center Encourages Self-Health Maintenance

During your massage session at The Relaxation Center it is your time to focus on Self-Health Maintenance. Schedule your next massage session before you leave your current session.  Many people wait for pain and discomfort to set in and then they schedule an appointment. At this point, life is not a pleasurable experience. Often times, pain relief medication, patches and who knows what is tried to relieve pain.Finally the idea to schedule a massage appointment light bulb goes on and the call is made. Then it takes time to set up an appointment with a competent massage therapist. After the massage, the comment is made, "Why did I wait so long? I need to make this part of my life".

80535-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Healthy-Heart-Face-Jumping-RopeThis routine goes on for a few times and then eventually it all makes sense to set up appointments in advance to have Self-Health Maintenance. We do it for our car to run well. We don't want to have our car break down on the road. We don't want our body to break down on the road of life either. Massage therapy is part of our over all Self-Health Maintenance including eating well, sleeping well, exercise, and a positive outlook on life. 

Depending on our life style, we may need more or less massage. The average massage lasts 2-3 weeks. If we have a very physical job or a "stress filled" life, we may need it more frequently. Take the time to find the time for you. Life feels so much better when we are not thinking about how to get rid of the pain. We can focus on other things in our lives when we are pain free. Call today to set up a routine appointment. As an example perhaps every other Thursday at 5pm or ??? What ever works for you.

Call 650-591-2303 and ask Susan to help you find a schedule for your life style. You will be glad you did.