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Easy-To-Make "Good Food"

ImagesThe Relaxation Center is all about being healthy, including eating "good food". Making the time to have fresh vegetables can be easier than you imagine. A great idea is to buy your vegetables at the farmer's market. Get all the different color vegetables for a salad that you like. The next step is to prep your salad ingredients so they are ready to go.  Here are some hints to make it easy.

Plan Ahead Prep
Clean and cut up enough to make a salad that will last you and your family for at least four days. Cover the vegetables with a clean, dry paper towel. Then cover the bowl with plastic wrap or a top. The paper towel will help to equalize the moisture in the bowl. The vegetables will stay nice and crisp.

Last Minute Prep
Add things likes tomatoes, onions, avocados etc. in at the last minute when getting ready to serve the salad. This system works best with having crispy items such as lettuces, peppers, radishes, carrots etc... in the main salad bowl. So when you think you don't have time for a salad, you can take out what you need, add a little something different each time, put on the dressing and you are having a wonderful "good food" in a short period of time.

Enjoy your healthy and nutritious meal!

- Susan at The Relaxation Center