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The Relaxation Center CPR Reminder
- "Just in Case"

This month the Relaxation Center in Belmont helpful hint is not about theraputic massage but it is about something to enrich both your, and maybe someone else's, life.  It is about CPR - a reminder to “be prepared” - just in case. 


Crp_example2Every two years I get recertified for first aid and CPR. The certification lasts two years. I have been getting recertified for the last 20 years or more. I like being able to help people if there were to be an emergency. At this class I just took, very important information was given to us and I am passing it on for you. Please take a minute and put this phone number into your cell phone and post it at your house on the wall by the phone -just in case.



If you call 911, you will very possibly get a busy signal. If there is a wide-spread emergency, you will get a busy signal. If not, your call will get routed to Vallejo 1st. The operator will then send your call to your local emergency area, and then you can explain your emergency.



The better way to go is to call 411. The information person will answer and ask for your city and state and you tell them you want the emergency number for your area. You will have bypassed one whole step this way.


The best way…Put the emergency number in your area into your cell phone and have it at the top of your contacts. Our emergency number for this area is: 650-368-1421. This covers the following areas: Belmont, Burlingame, Foster City, Redwood City, San Carlos, South San Francisco, Half Moon Bay. For other areas call 411 to get your emergency number or call 1-877-743-8423 ICE Safety Solutions.


Even better ... you can sign up to take first aid and/or CPR so you too can be prepared to help out a family member, friend or even yourself in an emergency Find out more about classes available by going to There is no test and the class goes by quickly. The people there are very nice and make it fun.


You will feel on top of the world, because you will be trained to be helpful - just in case!