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The Relaxation Center in Belmont Welcomes 2010
- Focus and Attitude Can Make It a Great Year!

I challenge you to make this coming year more meaningful. Last year I focused on Pilates and yoga classes.  At first it was very difficult and I could not believe how inflexible I was. I did a modified attempt in the beginning and built up to a more mid-range ability. Meditation I am pleased that I have been working on this. Yet, it is something that I have to keep working on. Too bad, I do not remain stretched out. I can see how Pilates and yoga can keep me moving much better for the remainder of life. It is like laundry- have to do it and it is nice when it is done.

I am focusing on getting the attitude of enjoying the journey. That may take some time but I know I can do it if I keep a positive attitude. One thing that I keep in my mind when the going gets tough is that the alternative of being tight is not as good for me.

I welcome new ideas for becoming a better person. Feel free to email or call with suggestions that work for you. or 650-591-2303.  Thank you.

Sincerely, Susan