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Get a Massage to Relieve Holiday Season Stress!

Holiday Greetings from Susan Fleming at The Relaxation Center in Belmont, California.  Healthy Living during the holiday season is a challenge for many of us.  In my massage therapy practice, I've found that making the time for a little exercise can make us feel happier. Exercise will provide us with a more positive mental attitude, an ability to have a few more calories and a great feeling of being more in shape.

Making the time to get a massage allows us time to focus on our well-being. While you are getting your massage, you will discover if you need to stretch more, if you need to do another type of exercise or if you need to perhaps make more fun time for yourself. Massage time is a perfect time to totally focus on your body, mind and spirit. Getting regular massage will make sure you are all connected and if not, what you can do to feel your best for daily life and for the holidays. 

Call or email your healthy holiday suggestions and I will put them in my next newsletter and on the website. or call 650-591-2303


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